Communication Of My Piece…

My intentions for my branding of Api Bees is to use simple signifiers to initially communicate the theme of the product so connoting honey, I will either do this with a honey bee or flowers, although these seem obvious choices for signifiers sometimes to communicate well to an audience you have include redundant elements to insure that anyone would understand it.
I will look at using colours, shapes and type to insure that my message communicates perfectly to the audience and includes different people.
Having done some sketches and research on branding and logos I have decided I don’t want my piece to have the typical “organic”, “hippy” vibe that a lot of sustainable food has,I want it to look different and stand out.My intention is to attract people with modern and slick design that is pleasing to the eye and shows that this is a new innovative idea and not the same generic organic look.
I want to use clean lines, modern type faces and simple yet good design.
I have looked at some images and tried to get an idea of shapes and colours I might use.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.28.48.png
I like the colours Yellow and Black as this clearly communicates Bees therefore communicating honey, I feel I could put a twist on this by using gold or possibly a slightly  lighter yellow with a grey instead of black. I would really like to keep my branding simple, well communicating yet interesting and eye catching.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.22.08.png
Using the hexagon shape would work well as it would subtly suggest the honey theme, I feel as if following the name “Api Bees” I feel there should be some suggestion to the bees within the imagery so this is something I will have to look into to.



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