Packaging Of My Design…

As I said my initial idea was to have a plastic bottle as this seemed the easiest option for convenience for the consumers.I knew that plastic was not the most sustainable product to use although after doing some research I have realised to what extent the was, My next step is to try and find an alternative, I want to look into a lot of different types of material that could be a lot more sustainable.

Watching this film made me realise to what extent it was ruining the environment.To see that the bottles just get dumped is not the best for a sustainable product.
This film also made me realise that thinking further about my product, if it was something that was sold in other countries I would have to make considerations for how emissions from transporting goods across the world, this is again not sustainable.
For this reason I will be keeping it very local and insure that everything about the company  as sustainable as possible.


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