Names For My Product…

I have started to think about what my name of the honey will be called.I started by thinking about normal simple names that would be well-recognised.I started the process by making links about things I wanted the name to connote.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 17.10.06.png


I felt all these things would be good to connote with my names especially because Health and luxury are both very large industries at the moment and have become very Popular and interesting.It is a huge fashion for people have luxury health products and to be doing something new, I feel the interactivity of my product meets the need of people wanting something new and creative.I also feel it communicates that people are doing something good and it would usually be something people are very proud of.

I liked the names

The Honey Helpers
The Bee Project
Beautiful Bee Keepers
The Black and Yellow Company
Golden Nectar
Busy Bumbles
Busy Buzzers

I felt all these names could have gone on to be very successful although I came up with one name that really stood out to me, I wanted something creative and innovative that would stand out and draw interest, Although I  wanted to communicate luxury I also want to communicate the sort of homeade and earthy feel with it. I feel if I used something like Golden Nectar or Beautiful Bee Keepers it doesn’t create the approachable, homely and non- pretentious feel I wanted in the first place.
Con-trey to this I do not want my piece to be patronising or childish so I feel the last few ideas may not work.

My name I will be using is:
Api Bees

This is inspired by the latin name for bees “Apis” and by if you said Happy in a cockney accent it would sound “Api” and gives a lovely communication to the audience. Its positive and makes them feel like they are helping the bees and making them happy, its not making them feel guilty that they didn’t do it before just that they could help now.Its not threatening or negative like other adverts I have seen for campaigns and helpful earth projects.


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