Glass Recycling ~ Is it sustainable?

I have started to think about an alternative to plastic for my product.I watched this video to try to understand more about the recycling of glass and understand how sustainable it was or wasn’t.I had a look around as I did not want to just trust one source although found what is said is this video is an overall opinion across different videos and sources.
This video has made it very clear that this would be a good option for my packaging.
Glass is a very sustainable option as it can be practically recycled over and over and over again.
Something I will also consider is the fact that I want to use clear glass for my final as this means it will save on emissions, reason being clear glass tends to stay in this country for jam jars and possibly even honey jars etc where as green, blue and other coloured glass tends to go to Spain and Italy to make beer bottles therefore clear glass would be more sustainable so I feel I will add interest to the plain jar in my design on the label.


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