Sustainability In My Packaging….

My first idea was to have a bottle with a tie round the neck holding a small pouch of seeds, firstly I feel like this would limit people to how much they could grow as you could only really have a small pouch of seeds.Another problem I would have would be the paper used for the pouch and also for the label, this is not an awful lot although with mass production the honey would be it would be it would be very wasteful to have this much paper used just for information on the bottle, I tried to think about how I could create this all in one and had the idea for plantable packaging, where by yo[u could pull the label of and plant it and this would grow the seeds instead of having a small sachet of seeds, this would mean you can plant the whole label and mean a lot less wasted paper.The seeds would be impregenated into the paper therefore you could simply pull the label of and plant it.
This would also make for an easier for the consumer and more professional finish on a design front not having to have a much of seeds hanging of the neck of the bottle.I looked at trying to make my own seeded paper and found a video online how make normal paper and then I would just place the seeds inside but came to the conclusion that this would not look very good as the paper was think and not a very attractive colour or constancy also I want my design to still be beautiful and well designed and this paper was not printable therefore I would have had to try a different technique.

I looked for a long while to see if there was anyone online that sold what I wanted in the quantity and colour I needed.I eventually found a lovely website that sold seed favours and confetti for weddings and also sold plain sheets of the same paper, I wanted white so that I could make the design the colour I desired with inks.Below shows what I ordered,I felt card would be good as this can be neatly wrapped around the jar to create a lovely looking label.
After placing my order I realised the lady did not live to far from me so I dropped her an email to get abit more insight on the business I thought it would be amazing to see how this paper was made, she explained she has tried to make the paper herself with little luck and it would not be efficaint for sale, she explained how the seeds inside this paper are good for bees as they are wild flowers and all known for growing in England and grow nicely in our climates, I am going to do some more research into the flowers this will produce so that I can put this on the website so that people can track what flowers they have growing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 16.15.19.png


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