My Design Idea !!!

I have generated an idea that I would like to follow through with, It is based on the idea that we should not be going to the shops and just buying things, We need to think about how the food is getting to us and make better choices about how we buy these products and what are responsibilities are as consumers when it comes to how our food is made.
The initial idea was to sell little sachets of the relevant seed with the produce to educate the audience that they should be giving back and re-planting what they use from the environment. This idea was initially inspired by the Disclosed exhibit in the designers of the year 2015 exhibition.This product was an app and website that gives the power to the  audience to make economical and educated decisions about what they are shopping for.
I wanted to keep my idea lighthearted and fun. I wanted something that could be targeted towards children as well as adults, This is because by keeping my audience very broad it gives the product the opportunity to educate a variation of people.
With my design I want to create an ideology in people that they shouldn’t be taking from the earth and animals without thinking and sometimes acting to help and give something back, I had the idea of creating this ideology using honey sales, I feel this is something that is not really thought about was the bees and how much is would change our lives without there pollination, The popular movie that made people aware of this was an animation “The Bee Movie” this highlighted about how we need bees to pollinate otherwise we will have no trees or plants.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 13.56.25.png

This showed how important it is for the environment to have pollination with bees. Having thought about this I feel like I want something that promotes giving back to bees,I will be using the idea of having a sachet of seeds around the top of the jar and also designing a label and a poster to advertise the idea.
I will also have some sort of website or blog where people can post pictures of the flowers they have planted, I would then implement a rewards scheme where by every square metre of flowers you grow gets you a voucher for 10% of your next purchase of honey, you can either save this up and get a free jar of honey eventually or just get 10% of your next jar.I feel this is a light-hearted yet effective and gives a benefit/incentive for people to help with the project.
I will be researching about how I could make this product even more sustainable and how I might design this concept.


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