Idea 3 ~ Give it back..

This is mainly inspired by interesting in biology but mainly one particular exhibit in the designer of the year exhibition, the way the “disclosed” website and app. This really inspired me and made me realised that I liked the small everyday change approach and I felt this was a realistic and clever way to attract an audience.
It made me realise how little we think about things like the way we shop and I felt this way a lovely route to go down.

Selling the produce with the seeds was an idea that came to me when I realised that we buy fruit and veg from shops and don’t even think about the process it has gone through before it gets to us. If more people thought more about what they were eating a small change could make a huge difference, this idea could be developed by creating an lighthearted app or website/blog for people to post pictures of there plants they have grown. I feel this gives it an interactive side as well as a intimate feel and again follows what I found was best in my research by promoting small, helpful changes rather than large, intimidating campaigns forcing action.
Im really fond of this idea and I think it is something I am going to try to develop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 15.02.02 copy.jpg


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