SeaBin Inspiration


I heard about this project from a friend of mine who saw it on social media and it made me consider how social media really makes things circulate and how although there are down sides to social media it is a brilliant way to get a message out and get your voice heard or even promote and advertise products and campaigns.

I then started having a more specific look into “The Seabin Project”. This really inspired me. The first thing the came my attention was the process behind this mans thoughts, he went from being a products designer who enjoyed surfing to realising (through his hobby) then realising that “We didn’t need the stuff I was making”.
He explains that once he was told what they could do he had to be involved, it was more important for him to have a clean environment to surf in and do what he loves than make things people would not need.He started to realise how many benefits this has for him and other, firstly a clean surfing environment and he explains that even eating better because the fish would not be living amongst polluted rubbish ridden water.
If I can think about this when I create my project I am hoping I can create a really strong project. My next step is to think about what I might be able to change, It can be a small change but something I can do that will have small changes, especially if I can create something that solves one problem but helpfully solves other smaller problems a the same time.


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