Designer Of The Year ~ Design Museum

The designer of the year exhibition was extremely inspiring for me personally, It really helped me to get an idea for the sort of project I would like to create.

The projects people had created where extremely interesting and very clever.
One project I found very interesting was “Disclosed”.
This is what I saw that interested me in the exhibition, this is a concept for a website that gives a shopper an opportunity to make informed decisions on what they eat not only based on calories etc but based upon the origin, packaging,production and nutritional information of the products you are buying.
Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 15.12.55.png
I feel this is a very strong design because it gives the power to the audience to firstly express what there main priorities and personal preference is with there shopping and then make informed, sustainable decisions towards what they will shop for.
I feel creating something that gives people the opportunity to make small, informed changes or decisions is a very good way to get people started, its a lot less threatening and a less challenging change to make in peoples lives.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 15.14.15.png
I feel this could be made better by possibly furthering the design to giving people sustainable recipe packs and they could just go on and automatically order the items to make the particular dish.This would also help as you may be able to encourage large families to use the site and help them to compare prices, this would also promote and prove the fact that it doesn’t cost an awful lot more to eat healthy and have ethics when buying your food.I feel this is a VERy sustainable products, firstly the process is from using computing and software this means that there is no raw materials used in the production of this product.As I mentioned before I feel this product has a strong appeal as you are only changing a small thing about your life but this could have a enormous effect.If everybody just became that little bit more aware when doing there shopping it really would make a difference, the only thing that could be mentioned with online shopping is that there is emissions formed from the delivery drivers but it is an awful lot better to have one van driving for example 5 families shopping to them than all 5 families going to the shops in there cars.

The way of the shovel


I loved this idea! The interactivity is brilliant, I feel it gives people that time to gain an understanding for the advertisment  whilst they interact with it making it a more effectively communicated.This design has been made quite modern by including a QR code this gives an even more interactive feel and also gives an opportunity to have a discount which means people will be even more interested in what this is advertising.
This advertising could be done better by considering that this needs to be lit from the back to be understandable, especially at night therefore this may not be the best as a sustainable product to advertise with, This could be considered as to how else you might light it, possible thinking about using glow in the dark inks to present the information that is most important, this would also be an interesting transformation from day to night.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 17.56.11.png

This was a brilliant product design, It was a mug that heats the water itself therefore cutting out the kettle, this really inspired me as I felt it was very sustainable and smartly designed.It works on the basis that from boiling a kettle we tend to boil to much water, this is not only convenient but very sustainable as it saves the water we throw away and we are not using as much energy to boil more water we don’t need.
I feel one way this could have been made better by considering how you could make more than one hot drink with it, if you where to make 5 at the same time and had friends round this would take a long time and be a lot of hassle, this might also help as it might enable it to be used in industry such as Restaurants and coffee shops.
Also something that could be considered could be how this could used in a wider context and using the same type of technology heat things like large pots of water etc in cooking as this might become a alternative to using gas stoves which would be better for the environment.
When looking at the product I think main parts of it are made out of a metal, one day this will not be sustainable although at the moment steel production and some other metals area a lot better for the environment that rubbers and plastics.


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