Design Museum – Cycle Revolution Exhibition

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 23.24.55.png
“Cycle Revolution at London’s world leading Design Museum celebrates the diversity of contemporary cycling in Britain from every day commuting to Olympic level competition and looks at where design and innovation may take the riders of the future.”
Design Museum

The cycle revolution exhibition was something that initially I thought I would not be interested in and would personally find it difficult to relate to my project, Having tried to be open minded I realised that not only was this very Interesting, Inspiring and Helpful but also bought to my attention how we over look brilliant design because it has become part of our every day life.
Also having tried to focus on communication for this project I was very inspired by reading the plaques that came along the bikes as a lot of them explained what the bike was used for and explained the features on the bike therefore making it clear to be able look further into the bike and realise how the designer has made the decisions they did for the bike, Something I focused on closely was actually the seats of the bikes, This was inspired by me noticing that this was the most original part of the bikes, all the seats were so varied and I felt this would be a good example as this is designed differently and specifically according to the purpose of the bike. I started of by looking at the evolution of the seats, the older ones where definetly the simplest forms, shown in the images below they had smile heavy leather seats with springs underneath to absorb impact, this was mainly because bikes where made for transport more than anything, although still a very impressive design, we thought we could do better and we needed to find a way to make it fit the purposes we had found for the bicycle including racing etc.From this we started to create more sleek looking, lighter, more comfortable seat as seen below. Seats became very varied and suits the different purposes it has been designed for from the seat leaning back for bmx / stunt riding to the thin seat leaning forward for a racing cyclist who will lean forward to make them more aerodynamic all the seats are clearly and cleverly designed for a purpose.

Something I also was very interested in was a video section of the exhibition, whilst watching the video it became evident that cycling was more that a sport or a form of transport for some people, It can be a hobby, lifestyle, courier. Some people have a real passion for cycling as was shown in this video by having a variation of people speaking  there experience with cycling, including Sir Paul Smith who I really respect as a designer already following a previous design museum exhibition but who is also very passionate about cycling.
He explained that to him cycling is very convenient and this is the reason he cycles.
He also explained that in his opinion not enough people cycle and he thinks this is because people are more aware of the dangers rather than the benefit.
Through looking at the video section of the exhibition I have also taken that cycling can solve many problems if it was more popular such as

– Free Up Roads
– Obesity
– Climate Change & Car Emissions
– Help with Busy City Traffic
– Free Travel
-Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

This is a good thing and it is becoming more and more popular in the UK today.
There is a definite rise in the people in cities and busy towns using bikes to gain more convenience especially since the introduction of Boris bikes in London.
Below shows a architectural concept that was shown at the exhibition that is a skyline road build specially for cyclists in London.This is a futuristic design which I feel is a brilliant idea as it makes cycling less dangerous therefore making it more popular.Futuristic Arcitecture .jpg

Something that the Exhibition also sparked for me is how varied the audience for the bicycle as a product as the functions and audiences are so varied that it must be classed as one of the best inventions.
I feel what makes the bicycle such a successful design is that it appeals to a lot of markets and audiences and holds lots of different functions so this is something I will strive for in my final design.


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