What is better ?

My first port of call was to work out what problem needed to be solved,I started of by making a brainstorm on the problems I felt where present in todays society, My first thought was pollution as I felt this is the most recognised and talked about recently.The other problems I touched on where starvation,dehydration, disease and war but then I was inspired from something when I was younger, I always found myself really interested in biology, I find it interesting when something in science actually exists and it easy to see, I think this makes things interesting such as animals and plants, This is something I find very interesting so feel if I chose to tackle the problem of pollination, hunting or endangered animals it would be something that would interest me alot more.BS.jpg
I also considered ideas such as bullying, drugs ,alcohol and other more emotional topics, I also looked at things such as travel and making a happier community in general but feel as if this would not fit the brief because of the sustainable aspect, I feel this is definitely part of the brief I want to fulfil as I feel in todays society sustainability is becoming more and more important to the public recently.



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