“How might we reimagine the making of things to reimagine the things themselves?”

I feel this video has made me think of the project completely differently than how I did in the instant. Having seen this amazing projects Daisy Ginsberg has worked on have been so varied, innovative and clever that I rethought the way I would work, When I saw the brief initially I thought of creating a new invention but felt the best way to tackle this brief may not be this, I want to use my skills in design to create something interesting, clear and well designed that solves a problem within sustainability and world problems, this has made me realise that the next step for me will be to work out some problems that I could solve with my designs.
I will be keeping very open minded for this project to insure when creating  a design I will have explored every avenue possible to create the best outcome possible.
I will be doing some thinking about what I think “better” is and also be looking at sources online and in newspapers about other peoples views and opinions on what needs to be changed about our world to make it better.


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