Daisy Ginsberg

Daisy Ginsberg wrote this brief, she is a designer, writer and biologist so my first port of call was to look as some of her work.

All of Daisy’s work is based on linking her science background to her skills in design, mostly to solve environmental problems to design solutions for these problems .The first piece of work that I found very interesting was a series of creatures that Daisy specifically designed to solve the problems that will take place in the 6th extinction.
Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 16.42.24
This image shows them placed into there natural habitat and shows us what they would look like integrated into our world.
This next image shows one the creatures and shows you what problem it would solve, this is one of 3 but I think this one solves a problem that will definitely arise at some point.

(From the knowledge I have gained)
This organism is specifically designed to roll along the floor and help with the dispersion of seeds in a local area, this would be very useful if there was an extinction of bees and other bugs that would usually transport the seeds, The image below shows the design of the creature and shows how each element would be used.
I feel this is a good way to design as she is looking into the future and problems that are slowly creeping up on us, for me I feel this is the best way to look at solving problems mainly because if we can look to see what problems we will face in the future it saves us from having a small amount of time to try and solve a problem that could possibly be too late and might not be reversible.


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