Fashion Recap

I felt as if with the mishap of my last photography I wanted to recap my knowledge of there fashion habits.After looking I feel the fashion was very much shirts and ties but after looking deeper it was more of a trying effort, a lot of the images I have found have been teenagers trying to look older, often with thin ties that where not tied properly, also the idea of the parka was slightly different, there where sort of scruffy long waterproof jackets rather than the parkas we have knower days with the faux fur hoods and neatly turned out shape, these where more baggy, scruffy coats.These coats where not a fashion statement, this was something they wore to cover up there expensive price suits whilst tinkering and riding on there scooters so these where simply a necessity that became part of the identity.I have been inspired by this scruffy almost wanna-be teenage look.It makes me think that perhaps if I very subtly signified this essence of the dress sense it might create nostalgia for the audience of my piece.I feel a good way of doing this would be to represent a thin tie but possibly just slightly scruffy and unneatly tied or maybe a slightly creased shirt to represent this feeling of the mods although I still want to create the dapper, smart and clean look of the mods.This is something I want to portray Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.18.02.png


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