Illustration Experiment

I have been experimenting with illustration techniques,I decided I wanted to create a more life like (not so cartoony) illustration and decided I wanted to do this straight into illustrator, I started of by finding a photo of the back of a parka coat, I used this to create a basic shape using the pen tool, I then used the pencil tool and width tool and by setting the line to dashed I added small details such as the stitching and the buttons etc.
I have used mainly womanly features, this is because mods where very metrosexual in there style and had slightly long choppy haircuts, they were very edgy looking with thin legs and pin leg trousers.

I then free handed with the circle tool to create the target image as a signifier onto the back of the jacket,I wanted this to look like a badge so made a dashed line round the edge to make it looked stitched on.
I then added a few more badges free hand to the arms.
I do not think I will use this for my final as I do not think it is very creative and could be classed as generic although I think it is effective and interesting.Untitled-1.jpg


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