Front Cover Idea

Having researched heavily into Fred Perry and mod fashion I had decided that I would show a more casual mod fashion, the Fred perry polos ect. I had created some imagery by dressing up a model and photographing them in a Harrington jacket and polo shirt,I wanted to focus in on the collar as I felt this was a signifier for the mods.Below shows my initial imagery (raw) and also the edited version,I wasn’t to keen on the colours of the models outfit but I knew I wanted the image black and white all the images I have seen regarding mods are black and white so I feel it would be nice to carry this on as this is what people will signify with them.

I do like this image although whilst gaining feedback I got a overriding view that this was more associated with skinheads more than mods as the jackets where different,although mods did where Harrington jackets they where better known for parkas and although this sounds obvious I feel to communicate clearly I need to show a more obvious image of mods.Although my idea was to lay over a target symbol the image and turn the opacity down and although I wasn’t keen I tried doing it anyway, I feel the effect is nice although does not communicate as well as Id like so I think I will take some more images possibly set up differently, with possibly a parker jacket instead although they did not like to be shown with there parkas on, Its was simply to stop there suits getting dirty so I thought maybe it would be good to demonstrate the suits and ties they wore.Mod final front cover .jpg


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