Double Page Spread Options

I started of by creating some double page spreads with the imagery I had found and also by using the target symbol to represent mods themselves.
This was the first double page spread I created,I decided to start of simple by creating something that would be easily read and easily recognisable.
I do think this is effective although I feel it is rather too wordy, I want my piece to more visual and well communicated because this will be part of a few pages and I chose for mine to be the first in the sequence so want this to be more a scene setting double page spread more than anything.
I also feel this is too simple, Although it communicated well it looks rather dry and boring and I do not feel this is fitting with creative review as a lot of the interest would be on the artistic skill and also on the creativity of the piece.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.54.05.png

This is my second idea for my double page spread, I like the use of the large target symbol although I feel the image does not scream Mod, although its a nice image I think the gentlemen looks rather to old to be known as a youth subculture therefore I do not feel this communicates strongly enough, after getting some feedback I have concluded that this is not a very strong signifier and without being to obvious and uncreative I need to create something almost redundant and clear so that it clearly signifies mods.
I do feel that the title and the small column of body text creates a nice focal point and I like the positioning of the left page although the M over the middle circle of the target symbol makes the eye rather confused I may try to develop this to create something more interesting and less confusing.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.54.20.png
I have created the same double page spread although this time I have added a different image to create the feel I wanted for my final, I have chosen this image as I felt it reflected how it felt to be a mod more, The man looks as if he feels cool and stylish whilst he is in very smart clothes and sunglasses he does look young and I feel this is a lot more clear message for mods.I have also made an adjustment to the title and have made the M white. I feel this is appropriate as it gives a more of an easy read.I also like this image as the man in the picture looks as if he is looking into the page, he almost looks as if he is reading the title which is very good as it subconsciously targets are concentration. Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.54.32.png

I created this DPS using the same image (as I felt it was effective) to demonstrate. I created almost a pattern like feel with the target symbol and added it to the edges, Although I like the effect it gives I feel it is to busy and distracts away from my main text body.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.55.02.png

I created this one still using the colours and shapes to demonstrate the main element I wanted to show which was target symbol,I did this but with dots instead of lines although I feel like this does not demonstrate the usual symbol which means it would not signify what I wanted.
I also have tried to use the same image as the first one but really am not very keen on this image,I don’t think I will use this image again and it is very confusing I feel and does not demonstrate what I would like it too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 20.21.40.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 21.53.20.png
I then did this one but I do not think this works at all, firstly because there is an image and a symbol over the crease which will not be very helpful as it will crease the work on top creating a warped look and this will not work,I like the image above although I can’t not find a high enough quality image for this.


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