Thumbnails – Target Symbol

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.32.18.png

These are my initial sketches that are inspired by the target symbol, I demonstrated how this could be used in different sizes and ways around the page, I believe the image in the top right could be very effective the idea is that I would make this look like it is graphity on a wall and I will use photoshop to make it look as if its eroding.I like this idea and this is something I will try to create, I also like the idea of having a really simple cover just simply with the simple target symbol in the middle.
I will try to create some of these and see where it goes although I feel all of these do not include an awful lot of illustration and also doesn’t show a lot of skill for my final piece although I feel it could send an effective message to my audience and would be easily understood.


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