Illustration Responses

Being inspired by a line drawing I have found and realising how the simple style made it modern and interesting I wanted to find as image that created a look that was slick and I could create something interesting.I found this image that shows the fashion of a mod.I felt this image was slick and showed a true reflection of the mods fashion and helps to show there dapper and fashionable manor.
Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 13.18.58
I decided to try to create a variation of different illustration techniques so I started of by creating a really simple line drawing as seen below I did this by using the pencil tool to create smooth and organic lines and then using the width tool to enlarge the stoke of the line, I also selected a different “uniform” for the line this would insure that there was no blunt edge on the end of the line.I chose the top one as it makes both ends of the line faded and thinner.Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 14.55.34.png

This was my final result below and I think its very effective although to plain to cover a whole front of a creative review although I could create this as part of a more interesting piece to try and tie different elements into this to make sure this is more interesting.
I will be trying different variations.



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