How did it feel to be a mod?

I decided I wanted to find a reliable source to watch some interviews, I felt this would make me gain more of an understanding of how it felt to be a mod, I consider this almost market research as it gives me a reliable idea of how it might have felt to be a mod, This will help me to create interesting imagery to reflect this era accurately.
Having watched these interviews the mods where all very happy to be part of this movement.
In this documentary they bought the pensioners that 50 years ago used to be mods and rockers,the took them back to hastings where they used to have fights and meets.This states that “they finally had freedom on 2 wheels” Maybe this is was a reason teens became mods and rockers as it gave them a sense of freedom which is a very important for teenagers as they usually would have just got out of school into work and want to feel like adults. It was important for mods to have more freedom especially as they would have all been younger than the rockers and generally had less money, this is something that sort of shaped the mod movement and set them aside from rockers as they had Vespas and Lambretta instead of expensive motorbikes and would tend to be slightly younger therefore they didn’t have as well paid jobs.
Mods were known at first as Modernists because everything they did connoted a new and modern way of life from the music they listened to, the clothes they wore, the drunks they took and the way they acted, this gave them a certain air about them which seemed cool, new, stylish and interesting to the general public and up and coming teenagers.
They were into made to measure clothes and they personalised there bikes which i suppose gave them a great sense of individuality which is something a lot of teens strive for as they want to be part of something.
It seemed to me that the talor made suits made the mods feel a sense of power, in this interview the mods states “Im paying and thats what I want” This gave them a sense of power and again this is very attractive to people to be able to take control especially at a younger age.
This sense of power meant that they lost inhibitions for what they wore the men started to wear things that was classed “homosexual” as they started to wear pinks and yellows and started to care for there appearance which was not seen as a manly thing to do.
By 1963 modernism was made mainstream, adults where surprised not only in the modern and different dress sense but by the way they were enjoying themselves, they started to listen to Black music, This was a shock in society at the time because it was not the done thing for teenagers or for anyone in this era, this was all about freedom, all about nobody being put in a corner and everyone being able to express themselves and do exactly what they wanted.
Regarding the rivalry with the rockers they got a bad name as the media needed a story and the big uproar in seaside towns gave it to them.
They played on the well spread stereotypes that all teens where causing trouble making mods folk devils.
They wanted to invent a person that was completely different to anything they had seen in there families and friends.They wanted a new type of freedom of being the newest and most stylish teenagers.


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