Social Behaviour ~ Mods

Mods were the pinnacle of fashion at the time with there drainpipe suit trousers to there smart Italian suits all topped of with a stylish parka jacket to cover and protect there pricey suits.
They listened to music such as soul and later on R&B that was bought over by black migrant workers.
A lot of mods would be associated with taking the drug “AMPHETAMINE” most commonly known as “speed” or “whizz”.
What are the effects of this?

What are the effects of speed?
Speed makes users feel very up, alert and energised, but can also make them agitated and aggressive.  It can also have other effects:

  • Speed makes people feel wide awake, excited and chatty.
  • Clubbers take it because it gives them the energy to dance for hours without getting tired.
  • Amphetamines were once the main ingredient in diet pills because they stop people feeling hungry.
  • Speed use can lead to agitation, panics or even a psychotic episode (this is a mental state when you see or hear things which aren’t there and have delusions).Mods became marked by the general public as being “wild” and “dangerous” as the teens revelry with the rockers was blown up by the press and made to look very scary and intimidating, the drugs would not have helped with this image,It made them look even more sinister and bad although this is a generalisation, there is drugs within almost every teen subculture as most teens and some adults have a period of time when they are experimental and finding there feet whether that is through crime and drugs or schooling an education is just a personal thing.
    This could be an interesting to present for my piece.
    Why would they do this though?
    Possibly this is because of the high fashion standards they hold for themselves, possibly its important for them to stay thin and look stylish in the suits as also when looking at images a lot of the mods where thin and smart looking men, maybe the loss of appetite was attractive them to lose weight or possibly just th

    at they were young men that liked to go out and party and dance and this would give them the energy to do so also they would have been as one and whatever one did the rest would do to fit in so it could just be a case of this.


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