Semiotics For Mods


This is a symbol that represented mods as a subculture and it would be involved in there fashion,the music they listened to being the band “the who” who were well respected and well known and loved in the mod culture as a band, the were the first ones to have worn this symbol. This symbol was initially a Royal Air Force (RAF) logo, It was used on the pilot jackets and this caught on with the mods which I will be researching into how this came around.

 What does this symbol communicate to an audience?

I feel this symbol is slick and modern therefore fits the mods well as this is the connotations of there fashion style.
This shows a target symbol which for some people would just think of the RAF but my first thought would be sort of archery/shooting or even deeper some people may consider this as a symbol to represent goals and ambition, possibly this suits the mod culture as they are young men possibly with ambition and also very ambitious to look wealthy so possibly this is another goal to them.
The colours also connote different messages such as the Red tends to be a very popular  found in magazines, its has many connotations including… Passion,danger,anger, warning heat and aggression.This might not be the best connotations to portrays for mods although this is how some people thought of them with the rivalry but think I would like to show a more positive connotation to them, on the other hand the most important thing for my finals is to create a really strong and truthful reflection of the mod subculture with everything that is involved good and bad, the blue also may calm this image down slightly, as blue tends to be a calm and peaceful colour, It can also connote feelings of sadness and upset although the darker blue wouldn’t tend to connote this.I also have found other research into the colour blue and it sometimes can have connotations of truth and faith this may be a good thing to connote in my final.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 20.56.44.png


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