Insuring Visual Communication ~Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci spiral

Fibonacci spiral sometimes called the golden section is a device used in design, advertising, photography and art to improve your design and make it communicate well to the audience.
So how does it work ?
Its the belief that the average audience members eye line will follow the spiral automatically starting from the middle and working outwards so in design you use the template to insure and see how your design will communicate and how the audience will view the piece and what will be important for them.
With this in mind you would tend to insure that in your piece the centre of the spiral should be on the more important pieces of information such as for my poster this would be the date and location and title and my more plain information such as any empty or black space or maybe even the pieces of imagery should be visible but maybe slightly further out, this isn’t to say the information of the outside wouldn’t be seen it would just be the last information to look at so it is possible that the time your audience member would stand and look would factor in so that maybe people who take little time looking would look at the middle of the spiral and then maybe miss the outter information would be looked at by the people who took there time to look although in my opinion these would be the people who would be more interesting anyway.

The image shown shows some really good examples of where the golden section has been very heavily influential in this persons art work. In the first top left image you can see that the middle of the spiral focuses on the eye which is very common with work that includes a person or model as the eyes make the audience feel connected to the person or subject for the image. This is a device I will try to implement this in my own final piece.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.32.00
All image rights go to JamesGarnPhotography


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