My Chosen Subculture

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.31.13


I have chosen the subculture mods mainly as I find it interesting and because it was the first one I thought of so this means that I would find it easy to be inspired for things of the subculture.I feel the music, fashion and social manner of these groups is very interesting which would create really interesting imagery for my final piece.
I wanted to choose a subculture that I could relate to and could put a modern spin on and I feel a lot of the fashion and style of this culture has come back round so possibly drawing in a younger and more modern audience for my piece.
The vintage feel has become very popular and fashionable in design and in fashion now as style will always come back around and this most certainly this is something I will be very interested in researching and definitely incorporating something about fashion in my final design as this is firstly encourage a younger generation who are interested in todays fashion industry and will also create more interest as I do not want to limit my audience to only people who are already interested in the movement which would tend to be older people who were alive during the first boost or the revival of it in 1960 which would mean if they were teenagers then they would be in there late 70’s and with the revivals in the 80’s which would be in there late 40’s/ 30’s meaning that it might be better to target a younger audience.


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