Double page spread research

I wanted to firstly have a look at creative review articles mainly to give me a good understanding for how the creative review magazine double page spreads are laid out and also how the pages stay cohesive and enthraling to the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 20.44.10.png

This first double page spread shows a simple layout with a small amount of body text and simple typefaces for the titles, The colours are very cohesive through the two pages with the blue and the black and white imagery and I feel this is an important technique to follow when creating a double page spread as it will insure that the two pages like, Im sure there is a lot of different ways to do this, maybe with imagery or a particular typeface throughout to visually link the pages so the audience will associate them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 20.43.47.png

This piece features a very large title with body text across the bottom and also a drop cap with the same typeface as the title.
The body text in set in short, low columns and as is done with a lot of creative review layouts which is the lines between each column separating them and making for an easier read and I feel makes the design more interesting and makes it look clean and professional to read.I like the way the type is formed around the cup to show a design technique.
The images show very different imagery to make the piece interesting but still follows the same colour scheme, the blue is in all the different images,firstly with the overlay on the portrait image the in the bottom left corner of the post card image and then  the computer has it in the bottom right hand corner and how ever subtle this may be it draws the eye and makes connections in peoples brains.


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