Choosing my topic..

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 18.54.14

This is a mind map I made (in illustrator) I did this to try and get a better idea of what subcultures I already knew about to try and get an idea of some of the ones I might be interested in using for my topic for my front page and article.
I really like the idea of doing mods as I actually now one from the 70’s\80’s myself so that will be a good one to use.
I need to research this further as I’m still not sure.
I also like the idea of flappers as this has amazing intricate imagery and could work really nicely with illustration based skills.
Although I did not know about this before I have also started to look at steampunk as a topic.
My next step will be to research into all of these subcultures and see if I can make a decision on what subculture I will use for my topic.


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