Project #3 – Brief Overview

Scenario – “Imagine that a youth subculture is having an unexpected revival. This revival is being covered on television, in the press and is celebrated by a large exhibition in a London gallery.

Creative Review magazine is also to run a lead article about the subculture and its many forms of design.

You may select any youth subculture from the past. Do not include religious subcultures or sects or cults.”

Create a cover and one double page spread for Creative Review. This must depict the subculture’s revival and pay homage to the first flush of that subculture. Be careful to create visual messages that are understood by the appropriate audience. Show that you have tested this.

Cover: You must incorporate an image that you have made yourself (in any media) and some wording giving a lead into the article. Consider your choice of typography carefully and relate this to your findings about the style of Creative Review.

Double Page Spread: You must check the style of typical Creative Review articles first and make sure that your design is appropriate. You may “borrow” a text about the sub-culture from the internet (giving the reference for the source in your blog). You may use found images that are appropriate or you may make images yourself. Found images must be referenced within the page and must be of high resolution (300+dpi. No gifs). You will be down-graded for using low resolution images.

As you can see I have highlighted some of the very important information in the brief to give me a good start on this project so how will I tackle this project…

Firstly I will start by doing some research into different subcultures and work out what subcultures I find interesting and also what ones would make the best imagery. I feel as if I want to pick something that is quite clear but also something that is not so well known as I think this might be more interesting to people.


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