Final Zine Evaluation…

My final zine was professional and smart looking, although not traditional to how a zine is usually I feel we achieved some new and innovative which to me was the best solution for this project as the brief states “You’d like to make a mark for yourself in the newly emerging non-digital world.” and to me this meant I did not want to promote myself as a designer as going backwards when it comes to having to use more traditional techniques, I wanted to show versatility as a designer and show that I can still create professional, stylish and up to date work despite not being able to use computers etc.
I feel this was something as a group we achieved well and I feel our final zine looked extremely modern although still captured a sense of the traditional techniques we had used (handwriting etc).

I feel when working as a group although a challenge as it is not something that is familiar to us at all.I felt we communicated well and played to all our strengths which has resulted in us having a very interesting and diverse show of work in our zine.I feel you can see and apprecaite alot of different styles throughout the zine but this works nicely as our theme was what is left therefore we can have different styles without it looking misplaced or haphazard.
I feel the type we used for not only our cover but our pieces was well considered and looks very polished and still modern despite the loss of digital means and use of traditional techniques which I was happy about as this was our initial Idea.

Although we were placed in groups that we did not know I feel we all got to know each other pretty quickly and insured that we knew each others strengths and weaknesses and allocated jobs and responsibility accordingly.

Our zine communicated strongly as it was easy to read and had clear visual messages throughout in all the pieces although after deeper thought I definitely realised that possibly the messages may be to lose for the younger generation as certain things we spoke about they will have never experienced such as:
One of my pages is about the fact that we will have to go back to trading and instead of over crowding it I thought it would be a powerful message to simple put “potato for a tomato” but after some thought there are a lot of audiences that may not have ever heard of or been involved with food trading etc so would not understand this message so possibly I could have made an improvement on this by creating some sort strapline or caption to explain the situation with money or trading.
One of my other group members pieces that I feel could possibly cause a problem with audience communication is the piece that includes an image of a vinyl record which also I think could have the same problem with the younger generation as certain people are not going to understand this and this piece may have needed something to explain maybe how to use vinyls or how they work.

I feel the strengths of our zine is that it is very modern and is creative as I feel it would have been very easy to just go for a scruffy vintage look as this is what people assosiate with non-digital work and so this may have been the most obvious idea therefore I feel we have avoided our idea from being generic.

I think the weakness of our zine is that it may not necessarily be recognised enitilly as a zine as it is not a typical zine. 

I feel maybe it looks more like some sort of portfolio or art book. This may be difficult as people may not understand the purpose although I do think this could be a good way to fulfil the brief as it does state that you are trying to make a name for yourself in a newly emerging era of digital design which I feel means it’s best to present yourself as unique and modern.


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