PAGE #4 – The New Age

The intention of this piece was to create something that makes designers think that this is a good thing for the design industry.Make it look like this is something new and good not a step backwards thats why I decided to call this piece “The New Age”. I want this piece to show modern and almost futuristic almost to look as if its a new way of designing and almost look like something you would create on the computer and to still show we can be creative and create professional and innovative ideas and finals without the computer.
I started this off by finding an interesting picture in a magazine that I thought would come out nicely in black and white as I wanted it to have a lot of contrast between the coloured background, I then photocopied it onto coloured paper,I chose bright colours so that it would stand out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.34.21

I chose the light blue colour to be underneath as I felt it looked good with the other colours and the other 2 where so bright that it would look better to just have occasional pops of colour instead of a really bright background, I then sliced the other imagery in geometric shapes, I felt this was the most modern way to do it,I did mainly triangles as this looks much more geometric and innovative.For this idea I started to lay some pieces down onto the blue background and these are my results and I felt like this piece had to be a case of trial and error as this was only way to know what looks good.

I think that #1 is to bulky and doesn’t look modern also I like the 3D effect in the other ones of including the original piece as it livens it up and makes it look less flat, its more lively and looks more interesting.
I feel piece 3 was to plain and the colour was focused to the left to much and thats why I added the original shape to the left to even it out slightly although I feel this dragged the face down by pointed downwards contoured the face in a strange way.
Number 2 is very nice and even and perfect in a sense of being busy enough but still simplistic and interesting.I chose number 2 after speaking with a group member for advice over our Facebook message and he suggested this too and reiterated my initial thoughts of the piece.
I then stuck everything down, photocopied it and backed it only some black card, then I had to think about title…mm… I think I wanted to follow the modern theme with the type and think I want the piece to be the main focus and the title to be the second thing looked at.I did think about placing some type across the piece but I felt it was already a pretty busy piece so thought this might not be the best idea.
I then decided I could use the edge of the black mount I tried it above the image but it looked slightly strange as it looked like the model in the picture was starring at he title and I really wasn’t to keen.
I ended up placing the title at the bottom and hand wrote it same as the last one as it gives that modern feel to the whole thing and goes with the trend of that long thin type thats very popular in design.

This is my final.
Im happy with this outcome as it looks how I planed it in my head.I feel this is a unique piece and creative.
The only thing I’m slightly unhappy about is the slight ripped like edge on the pieces although this adds some texture I feel this doesn’t look so great on the photocopy, I wish I made the edges more clean.
Im happy with this final.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 15.36.42


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