Type trends

These peices are very effective especially because of the typography. This is very trendy in typography at the moment.
Its a simple and futuristic type.
This type face is a san-serif and gives a very clean and professional finish to the peice.
Along with the alignment which is centre aligned this also is a very modern way of placing type.
Having type at the top middle of the page is a very classic layout and in design knower days designers are trying to do things very differently.
Also type is classically very detailed and although beautiful has lost novelty and is not fashionable anymore.
Less is more in design and this is an attribute I want to implement in my final pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 07.31.15

I also find this piece very inspiring as it again follows the simplistic theme I would like to follow with my pieces for the zine, again this is very fashionable in type as it is simple and legible.
A message is easier to convey when you have a simple typeface that are easily read and understandable.
This also has a vintage feel which is also fashionable in typography.
This is also reflected by popular type faces such as “american typewriter” as this is created based upon typewriting.
This is similar to this typeface as it is made to look like embossed tape from a label maker.
This is something that me and my group members where very inspired by this and decided to create the title for our final cover in the same way although ours would have to be real embossing tape rather than a type face the looks similar, this is because embossing tape is a non digital technique and this is the sort of techniques we need to use for our zine to create a modern piece with not so modern techniques.
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 16.48.51


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