Themes to be covered in our zine

After much discussion as a group we came to a decision that we needed to cover certain themes individually, we thought about covering mainly things to inform and entertain our audience.
We decided to include art work and creative pieces just purely as entertainment and to keep interest as this is something we noticed when looking at other zines this was a device other creators had used.We decided for this we could convey messages mainly with imagery and art work.We also now that a lot of things we would need to inform our audience about would be things that we would lose such as travel,currency and art and how we would deal with the change, we decided that as we have called our zine “what is left” I made the suggestion that maybe we should try to and keep it positive such as instead of stating like “no more money” make it tongue in cheek and say something about trading or about how we can’t use cash machines.
We also need to make it a strong and powerful message to insure that we make an impact especially when talking about travel etc because essentially we are trying to make people realise they will need to change the way they live to reserve resources and help to have the most peaceful life possible for everyone we feel the best way to do this is to keep people well informed and positive, we could take inspiration from would be things in war time as this is the same sort of message we are trying to achieve.
We can look at the way they might have convayed this message to help me know what might be effective in my pieces.
We also realised that something else we have lost with the solar flare would be advertising and this is a very important piece of businesses and making sure people are well informed.
As I stated before one thing that is lost with the solar flare that is crucial is the loss of communication resulting in missing people, items and love loss etc.
We decided that for this we would delegate everyone different things to play to different strengths.
Andrew is good at creating polished and clean looking pieces that convey strong messages so we gave him advertising for the zine.
Ben is very artistic and good at creating interesting and creative pieces so we feel the best way is to give him creative licence and give him to intro and the missing people reports as these will be created by different people so it makes sense to give him something he can create something slightly less tight and graphic like.
Luke is good at using different medias and creating clever and information pieces with slightly abstract themes, We decided he should create some informative poster work such as news bulletins and articles and then also to create some pieces on fashion and gangs as he had some good ideas on these points.
I then decided to pick up on things that were left to do such as things such as travel, currency , how art will be created and then maybe a few pieces of interesting art work.
I feel this suits me well as I feel my strengths lie with creating something interesting with simplicity and that creates a strong message, I plan to make something interesting and well designed without letting the constraints of no technology ruin my design concept.


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