I have got so used to typing on a computer and this project has forced me to think carefully about how I could create and type and communicate a message clearly without using digital means, the first place I started was to research briefly the history of type having done this I do feel it helped me to think of different techniques although for this project I made a decision that I didn’t want to go backwards, I want to use my knowledge of the history of type to insure I make it look modern, just because we have lost what we have got used to using in design does not mean we should lose what is fashionable in design, I feel is important to still stick to a modern feel as the brief states “You’d like to make a mark for yourself in the newly emerging non-digital world.” this is essentially a form of self-promotion as is every piece of design you create as a designer so I feel it is fundamentally important that this shows a flexibility and show that my design can still be consistent, modern and creative.
I then decided I would speak to one of my class mates as she did design work when we designed without computers etc she said one of the most common ways she worked was with letraset. I felt this was a very good idea as you still get a printed, modern and clean look to you type without using a computer and I feel it is the closest thing to digital print without using a computer.I have ordered a letraset set online and am hoping to use it in some of my design.


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