How will we work as a group? 

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 20.22.14So firstly we had to allocate jobs for the week we are off and will be working inderpendantly. We decided we wanted a 20 page zine so we decided we needed to do 5 pages each as we are a group of 4.
We also know that we will have a weeks gap in the middle of this where we will be working independently, I stated to the group that we still need to insure that our work is cohesive and works together, after decided we wanted a modern feel I still felt as if this had a lot of different interpretations. Therefore we had to work out a way to stay in contact and something that we can all send each other pictures without it costing money and insuring it was accessible by everyone in our group and would be easy to bounce ideas of each other and insure we stay consistent.


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