Front Cover – development as a group

After thinking about more traditional ways to photograph without using digital devices we discovered that the most effective way was to use polaroid cameras, I found my old poloroid camera although my camera is very old and I couldn’t find any film for it so we had to re-think although we felt this was a very good idea so decided we still wanted to find awScreen Shot 2015-10-26 at 16.58.55ay to use this although we thought we could create the effect without using the camera so we decided we could use an image from elsewhere and create the same effect so we decided to look through some books and find some imagery. We decided as we are looking to create a modern feel we decided to use black and white images as this is very fashionable also knower days.
It is very fashionable in design knower days to make a modern piece but with that vintage feel and I feel the polaroids will reflect this.
The image shows the mock up of the polaroid we made just as a view finder to decide upon some pictures we would use.

This next image shows the image we chose as it shows an image we found, we felt thiScreen Shot 2015-10-26 at 16.59.00s was very effective as it looks very lonely and simplistic, although I feel as if the colour of the image looks very old fashioned and we decided we wanted to create something very modern so maybe we should take a look at some different images of a coloured image to make it more modern, we also was not sure was colour we should cover it in but after much discussion decided on black as this looked the most modern and felt as if this would look the most polished and finished, meaning that I also feel a colour image might look more effective on the front cover as it would stand out and break up the black throughout the book. It could be something we could find in a magazine, old photographs, newspapers, journals etc etc etc.

I feel this might work better than this image as it might be slightly more glossy to which would help for the polaroid effect.


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