How has type changed with technology?

Type for years was very labour intensive and difficult to create due the thousands of characters. The first form of movable type was started in china and was created using ceramic blocks with letters on and then moved onto metal in Korea.
Then in the west with a far more manageable character set Goutneburg created the first published book in 1450 called the goutenburg bible.
Style of type then began to make its own transformation from the difficult to read blackletter type this gave way to the need of having a more legible typeface, Nicholas Jenson then full filled this need by creating a much more clear typeface this was then called Roman type which to this day is still very credited and we have type faces which are classed as roman typefaces digitally.
By this type print had become a viable industry and typesetting transformed the page.
From this created a new industry, advertising this meant that exciting new type faces started to emerge and be used on a large scale.Type design started to shown in everything from cars to shop fronts to posters and billboards.
Then we were awarded the computer and this changed type for ever although we had a few tricky years of pixel type, type setting was a think of the past and to this day we have access to a vast amount of different and wonderful typefaces and anyone has the means to create a type face of there own.

Now we have the means to create amazing digital pieces such as this one, when you see the comparison between the two images you can see how us being awarded the computer has given us access to create much more clear and useful typefaces rather than the clunky handwritten, type set faces.

I really like the type poster shown as I feel it shows of how we have the most amazing means to create crisp, modern and professional looking type and the click of a mouse.
Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 15.32.17


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