Names for the Zine

After having a group discussion we made a decision that we wanted to mainly base ours on missing people but didn’t want to limit it to this as we wanted to also includeScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 16.35.03 this such as missing objects, advertising, news updates etc so we needed some way to encompass all these things, we wanted it to be mysterious to make it easy for us to add different things to the zine without it seeming strange or irrelevant to the title.

Our first idea was “lost and found”
We thought this Idea would limit us to missing things as we didn’t think this would really remind people of missing people only of missing objects and this would really limit us and would not make our zine have variety so making it a lot less interesting than if we had different things to interest people.

We then thought about “survivors guide” but we thought this was inappropriate as its not for survivors and also makes it seem more post-apocalyptic and although I think its clever to refer to this as a “digital apocalypse” but maybe this is something I will use as the basis for one of my personal pages. But for the front page feel like this is too negative. It would be nice if we can put a positive modern vibe to this.

We have now come to a conclusion that a really good cover title would be “what is left” this is because we felt that this was putting a positive shine on it and saying whats left rather than what is gone.It focuses on how we live on without digital means instead of just stating whats wrong without it, this makes it more helpful and gives people a vested interest as it would help them in there life.

So.. Our final name is “What is left”.


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