Typography History

Type has been around for years but not how we think of it now, we think of any published book, story or newspaper we expect to be in a printed regular font and most companies would not dream of publishing anything with hand written type or anything that was not typed up and printed.
This is what we are used to but years ago this was not an option in design or publishing so they had to find some other way to communicate type whys.

A brief over view

First of all everything was hand drawn or scribed this was so time consuming and non-efficationed that Gutenburg came up with a solution called blackletter which was thick and easily read which made it really easy to scribe although when printing came in was very squished together and dense there for we created roman type which is still around as a lot of our type faces are based around this. The first roman type face was created in the 15th century by a man called Nicolas Jenson.This was based upon straight lines and regular curves making them clear and legible compared to the dense black letter type then italics (sloped and slanted versions of roman type) was introduced initially to fit more words on a page therefore being more money saving. Now we use it within roman body text to create attraction to particular words.Then in Britain William Caslon created something brand new in legibility now referred to as old style also Baskerville who create a typeface we call transitional, then Didot and Badoni created typefaces we class as modern. The 19th century bought us a lot of weird and wonderful  creative style type faces one of which included Slab serif fonts which is a face with large thick serifs usually used for titles and are posters or billboards.Then came Futura based on simple geometric shapes around the same time there was Gill Sans creation then came helvetica which was available in many many different weights, this all changed forever when the computer was introduced, firstly bringing us awful pixel type due to primitive screen technology. As computers evolved so did type, now anyone has the freedom to create there own type and there is thousands to pick from.


After learning this I need to go right back to when the first type faces where created so …. thinking carefully we still use helvetica and gill sans therefore theres no reason why I can’t recreate the modern poster and design work with the same typefaces, I will just have to recrete this without a computer, maybe I either need to draw it or possibly cut it out of coloured or black paper.
I will have to consider how else I can create type as I could use letraset etc.


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