Creating our zine – Group discussions

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 08.09.47Speaking about how we will make the zine and we came up with a few different ideas for this.. our first idea was to make a hand bound rough sketch book just by sewing down the seem of some paper to bind our book together, We will experiment with this idea to see how well it works although after speaking we did sort of think this may not be the easiest way to do it as we want to keep an eye on our time management and realised that with this idea we would have a problem when we got back to it as this is not something we can add to as we go so we would have to have some way to get it from one team member to another giving us all a set amount of time to do it which I feel is very difficult and wastes time as with other ideas we would be able to all individually have the whole week off to make our pages for the book.

We then spoke about possibly having a leaflet style zine as this would be a good way of creating it and would be easy to put together although, this is difficult to gain the minimum Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 08.11.56of 10 pages to be able to fit the brief and we also would face the same problem as the above idea.Also I personally think this would look rather bare and although a zine can be anything I’m not sure this fits the image in my head of what I wanted the zine to look like.
I feel as if I would like it to look more substantial and full at the end and I feel this might look unprofessional and abit bland.

Our next idea was to create a sketchbook like book with hard back covers , I feel this will look more full and also give us more leeway on pages as we can put as many in as we like the idea of having freedom but we still do Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 08.10.31have the problem that we will have to sew it all together at the end also we have an added problem that it has to be bound with one page folded in half therefore on the middle page there would be one persons art work on facing pages.

We do feel like this is one of the best ideas although we may need to develop it, we decided initially we would do this idea but with a piece of the hard back board as a fold down the middle of the front and back board.This would also cause the same problem with having a few days at the end to bind all the pages at the end which will take extra time that we could use otherwise, this may have to be something we have to consider and put into our plan for our time scale for the project.


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