What Is A Zine?

“Zines are self-published, small-circulation, often nonprofit books, papers, or websites. They usually deal with topics too controversial or niche for mainstream media, presented in an unpolished layout and unusual design. “


 My only passed experience of zines was fan zines, I had heard of them before and had seen one before but other than this I was completely in the dark about it.After doing some research today I have discovered that really a zine can be anything, only that it is information or entertaining and has some sort of purpose like any design.
I feel as if there is a lot of ways we can be creative and go about this brief although a website or digital imagery we could create anything from a book to newspaper to a leaflet and it would count as look as it fulfilled the brief.
From this we decided as a group to sit down and create a mind map to work out every possible avenue we could go down when deciding what media we would use for this.
This will be a very different thing to create because we can only use imagery that already exists or create something by ourselves that is completely non-digital so we cannot use digital cameras, computers, software etc.
I feel for this I will need to completely strip it back and go right back to when they didn’t have any phones , computers or digital cameras and I will take a look at how they designed before digital utilities where a possibility.


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