Initial Ideas

Firstly as a group we decided to sit and down and have a mind map all together with different ideas, Firstly we wanted to work out what we IMG_0099could use alternatively to digital devices so decided the best way to go about this was to look and see what was used before we ended up with all the digital imagery then decided this could be decided later on once we had decided upon a theme to our zine so that is what we started to come up with, I decided the best way to do this was to do this was for us to work out what would be effective with this so we made a list including computers, tv , phones, transport, buses and planes etc. We then tried to think what the greater effect of this was and decided that it would be people gaining information, this was after realising that we gain information from mainly television and print coming from advertisement to news and news papers and realised we print and television were 2 of the things we would completely lose so had the idea that this could be part of our zine, as we carried on thinking we decided that a massive issue would be the loss of all communication, we have got so used to being able to ring someone if are in trouble or even being able to ring police etc and this would all be completely gone. We feel like this would be a really effective idea for our zine, our idea was to create a zine almost like a local paper where people can email in and advertise us to put in an add of either advertising or maybe lost people etc.
I feel this is a good idea as it will help the cause and it can be designed really nicely and also gives us some creative license with the pieces.


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