New Project~Zine~Brief #2


A massive solar flare has wiped out all digital communication. You’d like to make a mark for yourself in the newly emerging non-digital world.

This project is about exploring tools, mark-making, typography, illustration and communication.

Assessment Task

Part One:

Working in groups you must design and make a ‘Zine (see definition below). Your ‘Zine must be a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 20 pages (page = side, or equivalent). You may allocate specific pages to specific members of your group. You’ll need to plan together and to allow time to prepare over the Reading Week. Choose an editor and exchange contacts.

The content, title and format of the ‘zine is up to you. It can be serious or tongue in cheek. The purpose of the ‘zine is to grab a corner of the post solar flare publishing “industry”.

Rule: NO DIGITAL methods of making or printing allowed. Everything must be hand-made and it should be printed manually on a photocopier (not sent to print from a computer).

Part Two:

As the module requires certain evidence you are also expected to address the following individually in your blog (check the learning outcomes below). Some of these do not have to be used in the outcome but must be explored in the blog:

Full design process, both group  and individual work

Aspects of typeface/letter-making choices

Connotations of your pages, especially the type/letterforms (ie; discuss why you might follow or reject normal type conventions, in this unconventional situation)

Posts on the history of type as applicable to this brief (ie printing…..)

My thoughts

Personally I feel a lot of my skills lye in the creativity and digitally created work so feel as if this project will be a challenge for me although I am looking forward to it as I feel this will improve me and stretch me out of my comfort zone.The fact we are working in groups will be different for me, I would like to also insure that I’m not project leader as I’m usually a natural leader and I feel I would like to try and let someone else take this responsibility to enable me to be very creative although I would like to focus on making sure everyones ideas are heard and make sure we choose somebody responsible as the team leader and someone who will make good creative decisions.I also feel as if we need to judge very early what peoples skills and strengths are insure we play to these strengths which may be hard as some of us have only known each other for a short while.
Personally I was unsure of what a zine was so I am going to need to do a lot of research and work to insure that I have a deeper understanding not only for zines but also broaden my knowledge and creativity when it comes to non-digital art work and techniques.
In previous courses I have experience with illustration and techniques such as ink printing etc so I will try to utilise these skills to the best of my ability and find ways of creating something interesting and effective for our final piece.
This piece has to heavily focus on type so I feel the previous project and my previous course may give me a skill in these to add to the group as it is something I have a small amount of knowledge in although a lot of this knowledge is digital I feel it can be easily relatable.
I feel there are certain limitations we could face with this project one being time, we only have 2 weeks to do so and 1 week of which will be without our group members so we will need to insure we plan effectively and insure we make good time management decisions as a group.
Another challenge we could face is bringing the zine together as one, this is because as designers we all have different styles of work therefore we need to set some initial style decisions to insure we all have something similar to work upon.
We will also need to consider that the zine will need to be recreated so need to insure it can be recreated and although we do not need to worry to much about price to much as a zine is not made to be profitable we do need to worry about how photocopying etc. for ethical issues.

What has this blog post covered?
1) starting to explore and understand the practical constraints of a design brief.


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