Photo editting – Photoshop

This was the original image that I want to edit as I can see that the location is in the type face.
First I placed it into photoshop by clicking
cmd > O which opens the image into photoshop.
This will enable me to edit the image and make it how I would like it to appear in my poster.
Using the tool inside the “add an adjustment” panel.
I firstly used the black and white tool as this is what i wanted for the theme of my poster.
I then played with the brightness tool and contrast to be able to make it a slightly different black and white and to achieve the look that I wanted for my final piece.
By pressing the “C” key on the keyboard I bought up the crop tool, I then cropped my image to the Bexhill part of the image.
Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 19.23.02

I am happy with my final image so i decided to repeat it and record it as an action in photoshop, this is a tool where you can place an image into photoshop and repeat the action and it will repeat the exact steps you took and give you the same final result filter on the image.

I had done that with a lot of my images to be able to have a bank of images to choose fro whilst keeping the raws so that I can change some different images incase I want to create a different style.



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