Mock up 2

I created this inspired by my research, I did this by using the circle tool and created the triangles with Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 20.16.49the pen tool. Once I made these paths I changed the opacity and colour on the circle to blend it into the background as I feel this will highlight where the text is and will help me communicate my message to my chosen audience.

I also felt like the triangles is a clever way of showing the images without it just being simple or maybe boring in the usual square/rectangle format.
I have chose this type face as I wanted to keep it simplistic and I wanted this one to look slightly vinta
ge because of the images and colours I have used from the antique shops and oldy feel of Bexhill. For this reason I decided to use this serif font as I feel a sans serif looks slightly ore

modern and does not fit into theme.
I do like this poster although for me it doesn’t fit my vision for my final piece aswell as in my opinion not being very eye-catching.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 20.36.07

After developing it slightly I changed the type slightly by aligning the type slightly more and then I realised that there was just to much blank space on the page so I decided I would add some more imagery into the poster as I feel like the music page almost distracted from the subject and make it look like it was about music rather than typography.
I felt like #1 was to flat and uninteresting where as this gives it bit more depth and texture.
It adds more colour also.

I then developed it further the add some more triangles in the same colour with separate opacities to give Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 19.37.30more texture and make the piece even more interesting.
I also changed the colour of the type as after adding extra complication to the background I felt necessary to make the type rather darker to be able to make it more legible as I felt it would blend in to much if it was light.


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