Final Piece & Evaluation

I chose this as my final piece as I felt it fulfilled the brief most appropriately and represented me well as aScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 21.50.51 designer.I feel I have achieved the targets I set myself at the beginning on the project.I feel that the poster is successful over all and feel its fits the vision I had in my head.

Why did I chose this over my other mock ups? 

I chose to develop and put the this one forward as my final as I felt overall it was the most effective and attractive piece.After much consideration when analysing this poster the first time when I had just completed the mock up I decided the imagery slightly out weighed the text on the page.I felt this was a dilemma as the text had to read to have understanding for the piece and what it was advertising.I decided that I would change the text and had remembered I had some good ideas in my other mockups so there for referred back to my previous choices and chose a type face from one of the other mock ups so for me this final is a collaboration between two of my favourite contenders.I also felt this poster conformed most to the two themes I was interesting in portraying with my poster, firstly the typographic theme to insure that I showed the audience what the poster was about first of all, then I wanted to portray a beach seaside theme to demonstrate how I felt inspired when I visited, this also helps to sell the trip as it gives people understanding for the location.

Who is my target audience?

After much consideration, discussion and research I decided that my audience was very broad so therefore I had to target to a very wide range of different people therefore made the decision to create something simple and sleek yet stylish. My main aim was for it to look professional.
I felt like this was my best option because having such a wide audience base everybody has different taste and requirements when it comes to design so I didn’t want to go to niche with my design otherwise I would only interest a small amount of the audience base I could have potentially covered.I came to the conclusion that it was properly going to be mainly designers, typographers, design and art students and elderly people that would take interest so as you can tell it is hard to market for all these ages, hobbies and lifestyles so felt the best way was to just create something simple, atheistically pleasing and professionally made.

How did I create my piece with software?

I started of by creating series of sketches to gain an idea of the layout I wanted.I then took my raw images and place them inside adobe photoshop and using actions made them black and whiteScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 23.44.54, I did this with actions so that I could repeat it therefore creating coherent images if I decided to use more than one on one poster.

I then went into illustrator and played around to try to find a few layuts I liked, once I had decided on a layout I started to think about grids.I decided I did not need a grid for images as I only wanted one large image so could just fit to page Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 23.51.09but then created a custom grid for my information to insure it was all aligned neatly and professionally.
I imported the whole image for my background into illustrator and then zoomed it in and left excess around the art board to give me more leeway when it came to changing things as I went.

How well will my final communicate with the audience?Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 00.34.09

I feel as if my piece will communicated well with my audience as the colours are eye catching and my piece may spark nostalgia of for some people as a lot of people remember going the the beach as
a child etc.
I also checked my poster with the fibonacci spiral so that I could judge how the audience would view my poster.My poster does exactly what I would like it to do with the fibonacci spiral as the first place the average audiences members eye would look would be my information now this is important for t
his poster because I feel as if this would set the scene and interest people as straight away you know the date, location and what it is that is being advertised.

What do I like about my piece?

I like the simplicity of my piece as I feel that is what an informative poster should be,I think it is a success in the fact that it can appeal to a number of different audience and background of people.I also feel that the feel and the theme is very successful and demonstrates how inspired I was by the theme and feel at Bexhill instead of just looking at the type.

What would I change if I did it again?

I had a slight hiccup whilst printing as although I saved the piece and printed the piece with precision I still ended up with some colour change in the text also where I zoomed so far in on the imagery the line on the edge of the type in the imagery was slightly fuzzy.


I am overall happy with my design and think it fulfils the brief well and fulfils the vision and artistic licence I aspired to have with this project.


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