Ideas… Ideas ….. Ideas

I have created some thumbnail sketches to help me to decide upon possible layouts for my final piece. I feel as if my sketches are inspired a lot by what i saw in Bexhill and will help me to createfor blog something clean and professional.
I think my next step will be to create some mock ups on illustrator with the imagery I got from Bexhill and trying out different typefaces and layouts.

By making some free hand sketches it helps me to be more creative with my ideas before thinking about what will be possible when i start to use software as there is some limitations that come with working digitally.

I like the idea bottom left as I think its interesting and has a different layout to other posters, I also think the second row from the bottom in the middle would be very interesting and effective as I feel this will show a lot of different imagery and be interesting and eye-catching I would go about this by creating editing my imagery in Photoshop and then using it create a clipping mask in illustrator to put the image into the same shape as the path you created.
I feel I could use clipping masks a lot for this project as it is a good way to incorporate images into my design without having plain square or rectangle images.

I found that whilst drawing my thumbnails I need to find a way to insure I strategically place my imagery so that keep enough space for information.

I also need to make very sure I do not make any errors with my type as my audience will be partially people who know a lot about type, the way it works and the way it should look.


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