Bexhill Trip Inspiration

I feel that the trip to bexhill was very successful for me and is really going to help me with my final poster,I managed to gain an understanding for the location and gained over 300 images of my own to use for my final.I also gained a lot of inspiration from the exhibition at the Del Le Warr exhibition as a lot of the work was very raw although it was extremely clever and a lot of it was very original and innovative.
I got inspiration from layout, colour, type, texture, pattern and even sound around bexhill.
I wasn’t just inspired by the exhibitions and art work a lot of my inspiration was from mScreen Shot 2015-10-15 at 22.41.11y surroundings and by the things you would not expect to inspire you such as graffiti, shop signs, handwriting and a lot of the atmosphere around bexhill was very helpful. One thing I feel like really inspired me was the whole seaside vibe, the smells, sounds and overall that sort of sunny feel although its not a big sunny beach town its more a happy village and quite old fashioned, I took a lot of inspiration from small antique shops  and book shops ect.
I liked the colour schemes around bexhill. The colours of greys, blues, tope colours, greeny blues.I think maybe this could be effectively used by having black and white images.

As we walked down the high street we went into different shops and and little antiqtypewriterue shops I found a lot of different images of some really interesting items such as vintage advertising posters, books, record covers, music and even a really beautiful typewriter.

I really found bexhill very interesting and feel like I have enough recourses to create something initiative and I have a good feeling for the location.


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