Think,live,learn like a designer…

Divergent thinking…

It is proven that for a designer it is healthy to gain as many quick and explorative ideas (how ever silly they are) to solve a question and come to a solution.
Divergent thinking is a method of coming up with creative ideas where by you come up with as many ideas as you possibly can for a given question to try to come to a solution.

“Theres nothing so dangerous as an idea when you only have one”
Émile Chartier

We practised this by firstly being given 30 seconds to come up with as many uses for the following a paperclip and a coffee stirrer no matter how silly,magic or crazy. These were my results:
– pick a lock
– seal food packets
– unbend and use as fuse wire
– make a necklace
– earrings
– build a sculpture
– unwind and use as a hanger for dolly clothes
– scratch into something and draw with the scratches

Coffee stirrer
– fire wood
– scratch down cast when hurt
– Knitting needles
– back scratcher
– a match

I feel in this I did not get very many but once hearing some of my class mates examples mine where quite different which is good because it means my ideas are creative and different.

Then we did a task with 15 minutes where by we had a brief of a children’s story book featuring an alien.
We had to use divergent thinking to come up with lots of different ideas for a texture that could be interesting to make the alien out of. The maker of the book wanted something that would be interesting for children to touch.

for the first 5 mins we started getting as many ideas including crazy, unachievable and silly ideas.
My ideas included:
– fish skin
– foil
– cling film
– bubblewrap
– felt
– fur
– hair
– silicon
– slime
– water pouch
– glitter
etc etc etc

We then had the last 10 minutes to decide on 3 of the best ideas and develop them to insure they were realistic and slightly more achievable.
We chose a group on:
1. Bubblewrap
We discovered that there is such thing as bubblewrap that swells back up once pushed down so this would enable the target audience to push down and play with the bubblewrap and then for it to come back up and the children to be able to play again

2.Water pouch
This idea was based upon the children’s toy named a “wet willy” although our idea was to have a circular pocket with a piece of plastic covering the back filled with this sort of liquid, for the audience this would be like magic and something different that has not been done before.


It would be a interesting and fancy look aswell as having a grainy texture which children like.

After this task we were given an hour to come up with 100 ideas .. these had to be 100 ways to make people remember your name..
We were asked to walk around for this activity because it is proven in studies that by walking around you think more about gain more ideas mainly because things you will see will prompt ideas and you will not be struggling much by sitting and being bored and getting frustrated with the activity.

We managed 100 ideas this included things like:

-business cards
-merchandiseScreen Shot 2015-09-30 at 18.07.03
-legal graffiti
-ambiant advertising
-sponsering sport teams etc
etc etc etc

I feel all these tasks were helpful for me as a designer as it makes me think more about my design process and insure that my ideas are not the first obvious ideas we all come up with first of all.
It gives me more opportunity to be individual,unique and creative.


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