Target Audience

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After thinking about my target audience I decided to do a mind map to work out some initial thought upon who my target audience would be. I came to the conclusion that it was probably going to be people interested in type, I then tried to think about who might be interested in type so thought about people who would use developed type and have a vested interested in gaining inspiration from type.

I decided that this might be designers or typographers after thinking in more depth that I would myself go on a type tour so have considered that maybe we should consider design students, a good way to do this might be to target teachers

therefore they might organise a trip bringing in business in larger groups.

Also when it comes to target audience it is important to think about where this might be advertised as this might help you to know the surroundings and how the poster might fit into that surrounding and what sort of other people will see it, If my main audience was students I would choose to mainly advertise in schools,colleges and universities, more university’s and colleges than schools as I feel they may take it upon themselves to go to the type tour, extending upon this you could choose to make a e-poster or e-card that you could email to institutions specifically speaking about going on trips and taking large groups on the tour. I feel this is a good way of advertising something like this.

If my main audience was established designer I would advertise in place such as gallery,design museums and maybe even speak to agencies about them sending there employees for inspiration.
I also feel as if this will be middle ages market so therefore it may be useful to put this in some ordinary day to day places such as shop windows etc.

So how will I insure people notice?
Something I need to consider is although all these people are interested in typography and/or design they will have other different interests and or different taste in design, this means I need to think about what sort of thing would catch there eye and would they consider good design.They will also be interested in design that is fashionable and stylish for the time.
I feel as if the best way to consider this is to create a sleek and modern design that is simplistic yet stylised, I feel this is the best way to insure I appeal to all the tastes of my different target audiences.I feel this way it targets a wider audience therefore becoming a more successful piece of design.


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