Talking Graphic Design

I decided on these as I felt the cushion was interesting and i feel informed and made people u

nderstand that graphic design is all round us its not just a poster or cd cover etc.
I decided on the book as I have used for my own personal work in the past and found it to be very informative and helpful if you are interested i packaging or paper engineering etc.

When talking about the pillow we spoke about the type first, this cushion uses some well known states in america, i feel this is a good device as i feel these destinations are quite stylish and have been used alot in films and television.
We also spoke about how this may revoke a feeling of nostalgia in the audience intended as it made to look vintage.
I feel this look is more urban and old school as it conotes the very urban technique of stencilling. For some people this would remind them of crates and wood that would stencilled such as shipping containers and army material which has recently been trending in fashion and interiors.

When speaking about the book I chose we discussed that there may be drawbacks of this book as the packaging and ideas have already been done so you would have to be very careful to be creative and insure you work was original.
Also we spoke about ethical issues as a lot of the work in the book would take up a lot of ink and paper if you decided to create something on a mass level, also the man hours over creating a product like this would be large but very helpful for making something on a small scale and to make something quite personal.

Looking at the other items people showed was very helpful as it gave you a view of someone else’s perception of graphic design and understanding how they felt and how they reviewed the pieces.
My peers items included a FCUK aftershave box that he thought was a really effective graphic design and really suited the audience of teenage boys because of the varsity feel and the blue and grey colour scheme, a book call “know your onions, graphic design” which she claimed was very helpful to pick up basic bits of graphic design understanding that maybe didn’t make sense to her before, a book about printing which was really helpful to the person as she felt it made her reconsider who she printed and a book with the work of MC Escher who is a very famous graphic designer and the recipient said it really gave him inspiration for his own work.

This really helped my understanding of what graphic design means to different people and helps to gain knowledge from your peers and learn about what inspires them maybe understand there creative process.


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