Surrounded By Type

Type is everywhere, So is inspiration.From handwriting to print we are surrounded by type in our everyday life.
These are all images I have taken from a walk in Tonbridge high street to gain inspiration for my type tour poster.

I gained inspiration from a lot of handwriting and the more unexpected old writing as I feel this is more individual and comes across more personal that a type face on a computer.
I feel that handwriting can be very interesting although less effective and legible (on occasion).
Take for example the image of the back of a car reading “Porsche”, this is a digital type face and it is very clear and easy to read. It look sleek and professional and appropriate in comparison to the image of flowers a handwritten sign reading “sunflower bouquet £7.00 bunch” is less easy to read and does not look professional. If you were to use it in a poster for example and someone had to read a headline/title in 4 seconds they would not be able to read a handwritten sign whereas a simple or commonly used type face would be a lot easier to use.
Having researched the audience that I would be advertising to with my poster I came to a conclusion that this would not be appropriate to my target audience as a lot of them would be professionals in the field so feel they would be more interested if it appeared in a more professional and legible maybe even famous or common typeface such as helvetica or Ariel.

I also wanted to take great interest and concentrate on the appropriateness of the type for its use such as if you take a look at the image of the sign on the door reading “please ring for entry” this type face is very plain and simple, it is a dark red colour on a white background and is in capital letters, this as you can see in the image is very small, this may have been a necessity for the space they had to place the plaque in, although I feel they have made the most of the space given as it stands out as the door is brown and the plaque is white, also the red type attracts the eye.It is a very simple typeface simply because it doesn’t need to be anything more elaborate as it is purely there for information.Where as if I draw you attention to the image of an italic font on a ceramic background reading “knowng Faculties” this was on a sculpture of a ceramic head with sections with a lot of writing on, I feel this is a good example where type is used for decoration and not just to show clear information, although the writing is still legible and clear it is decorative and interesting this shows that type can still be interesting and eye-catching without being bog standard and boring.


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